Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Bye bye 2011!

Yep, it's the 4th day of the new calendar, the first week of the new year. Not that I want to rewind, but I am going to refresh the memories I had about what was happening throughout last year. 2011 was a tough, long, yet a year that exceeded my expectations.
It was my second year living away from home. Education was my only reason to moved to Jogja, and now I can find a thousand more reasons to still love the city. It helps me grow.

Well, I learnt a lot in 2011. Indecisive me had to learn how to choose between hard options. I learnt how to take risk and when to not take one. I learnt to let go what doesn't fit to me. Yep, 2011 taught me a lot.

A few highlight should be placed on certain dates of the year. The first one should be on May when I tried to participate in the search of regional miss tourism of the province (Putri Pariwisata DIY). Really shocked when I knew I was selected as one of the finalists. I missed a couple opportunities when I chose this but it was worth the price. The selection was a brief start to few things that followed after. 

Yeah of course BALI will be my next highlight of the memories. Since it was one of the best holiday I've ever had (lol but true). It was a perfect 8-days-escape: Bestfriends, Parties, Beaches, Freedom, Shopping, Summer,  Watersport, Spa and Boyf :). I miss each of every second we spent and glad to repeat planning another one this year. 

I also joined a couple activities that (finally) defined me as an IR student. The first one was Indonesia MUN in University of Indonesia last October and the second was UNESCO Youth Forum: : Looking Beyond Disaster in Christchurch, New Zealand on December. Both were so fun and enlightening, I met marvelous people, learnt a lot of lessons and definitely made good character building. I will tell you the report from each events when I got some time.

Overall, thanks to you 2011. You taught us lots of lessons but I have to step on to the next level, next year and upcoming challenges. I do have new year resolutions but can't tell you what! :p 
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye 2011. I hope there's no zombie outbreak or doom's day this year but joy and another life lessons to get. 

(p.s.: only one 2011 resolutions that's accomplished, to not eat chicken anymore. :o)