Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just Random Thoughts.

Ainun Habibie became a serious major breakdown for me. a clumsy machinery mechanic, who had a huge dream to create a real vehicle, was in love with an innocent woman who will always be by his side.
I've heard of something similar, in a way that it turned out composing different story. Getting too much changes and distracted going on to herself, this girl finally lost what she used to grab.
Ages ago, she owned everything. Loyal lover, simplest happiness and laughter. Started with a single text that used to be ignored, started with a tiny hole in the classroom door and an afternoon glance on the schoolyard, things began to grow. Lonely hearts met by the destiny. A soccer ball was then witnessing how hard  that boy to try some juggling tricks. but she didn't care. She yet never knew that her willingness to wait for her friend to be picked up turned out being a love at the first sight. Okay, maybe not the first sight because she obviously had heard of the boy's popularity. He was vocal, not a hesitant speaker who will spit out everything that came inside his head. He might not be the most good-looking guy in the entire school but he's obviously the one that captured her attention.
This skinny girl, which known as his type, rolled her small eyes behind the glasses. A text was sent by the following night. With a help of a friend, hundreds texts came along after. Small excuses were made just to organize both eyes to met. Comic books were also one of those excuses.

I mean, who read comics in the exam week? Weird is when she couldn't even complain when he returned her comics which looked like it sunk together with a wrecked ship. Not even considered before that she will someday be able to let her things being treated differently, even herself was too.
Two weeks of wonders were passed, the exam was over. A thursday evening out was arranged. A gentleman picked her lady up, and she did see him coming to visit her while she was waiting for him in a friend's house, the same neighborhood close to his house.
That night she knew she met a gentleman, who will travel the whole world just to seek for everything she needs, who will close his eyes for every other options he might have gotten if he didn't choose her. But he did. An ace popped out from his simple card magic, draw a sincere smile on the girl's face. A smile that vanished in the following years.
Simple things used to make her helplessly smile a whole night long. It was hard for her to differ which one is day or night, when a mid-day felt like a dream. Dreams do come true, but so do nightmares too.
She changed. Maybe not changed, better said that her consciousness level grew bigger and became unstoppable. Indecisive, easily distracted and obsessive were once a way to define her that time. She forgot her own smiles, she forgot what she felt before.
Ironic, because when finally achieve something, people will stop doing what it took to get at the first place.

it might be, both of them forgot what they did as efforts. And she forgot that she had pointed her eyes on him and saying that he's the one. She forgot to try harder and he was no longer marking the same date monthly just to remind her how happy their days were.
Options were equal with consequences, opportunities are not things that come twice, and to be happy is actually simple. It doesn't need a princess to conquer a crowne prince's heart, because when both eyes met they would know that no other distractions matter. Cinderella never forgot how wonderful that night was, even it had to end when the bell rang. At least it had been a blissful story after all, even it has to end.
The boy can fight the world to try, while the girl can regret and cry, you feel your path is still unfinished and you keep mending and repairing, but fate will never change its mind. If it's meant to be, it will be.
Ainun never forgot the first days and first memories she composed with Habibie. She sacrificed her own needs just to let him achieve his dreams, while he never stop remembered that he got the best lady he ever met to be by his side, forever.

It was if only the universe say yes.
But if it's not, it might be not the end.
Just like a journey. You can keep walking and see more of fascinating places until you can't feel your feet, keep seeking, thought you won't stop, then you get tired. And one place you couldn't forget will always be remembered. Despite all other places that attract you, you will always come back.
No matter what.