Friday, June 7, 2013

Massive Addiction.

A box of cigarettes which contained nicotine is undoubtedly making you addicted. One's done and yet your body craves for more and more toxic. You demand to be intoxicated. No need to think too much further, because you just know you're addicted and you just couldn't stop smoking.

Maybe, that's more or less what do I feel now. No, it's not about smoking neither cigarettes, more like what I feel presently toward someone so special. At least that's what I feel at the moment.

Here the story goes. It's not that we just met, but recently we met. Neither of us put anything we felt on stake, none of us wanted to expect even a slight feeling would be requited. We went on and on, wandering around each other and kept our very own deepest thoughts on the down low. We both knew, or maybe prejudiced that this isn't going to work out.

'Seize the moment,' we said, 'while both of us are here, before we separate like we used to be. We can be friends and things are going to be just fine.'

do you know what's funny?
Aren't we just human, who's unpredictable ourselves and we're also not God who knows what's going to happen hereinafter? Why were we so sure that we can get over it easily, when actually being separated physically shouldn't be a problem at all?
Feeling isn't something we can control, baby. We never asked, never can deny. It was beautiful, it goes on, it's even becoming more beautiful.

Just like a smoker, he wishes he could stop but he craves for more and more and he lights up more and more and more because he's too addicted to it.
It wasn't because he was asking to be addicted, but the cigarette itself which is too addictive.

Well, what can I say? You're even way more addictive than that.
Chan rak ter, kit teung mak mak na.


วันที่เงียบเหงา เธอจะคิดถึงเพลงของใคร
ตั้งแต่จากกัน วันนี้เธอเป็นไง


ยังคงมีแต่เธอ เหมือนเดิมไม่เคยเปลี่ยน
ยังมีแต่เธอ เหมือนเดิมไม่เคยเปลี่ยนไป
ยิ่งเวลาอ้างว้างทีไร ในใจก็ยิ่งโหยหา
ยังคงมีบทเพลง ของเราเมื่อวันวาน
ได้ยินเมื่อไร หัวใจยังเป็นอย่างนี้

กระเจิดกระเจิง ผิดๆเพี้ยนๆกันไปใหญ่
เพียงแต่อย่างน้อย ฉันก็ยังชื่นใจ

Toom Yoo Nai Jai by Jirayu Laongmanee --Ost Suckseed.

You can't read the lyrics? Neither can I. ^^