Friday, June 13, 2014

Things to be thankful for.

I have been gone from this blog since the last quarter of 2013. Not that I had forgotten, or lost my interest in writing, but I got a whole lot in mind and tons of things happened in the last 9 months. And those had me highly thankful of what I've been through.

Thank God I have graduated. This little girl is now an Universitas Gadjah Mada Alumna, part of Kagama's huge family. 

A bachelor of arts degree had obtained, which means this is the real life I am about to face. This is not to mention how hard it was to stay up all night in a whole week to get my thesis done. I've always been in love with environmental issues, and now (or had started since that thesis was written) is trying to connect between environment, international and domestic politics as well as development issues. They're all interconnected, in a highly comprehensive way and as someone whose background is international relations (and politics), I gotta find a way to take part from this starting point. Earlier today I met this awesome man on the breakfast meeting. He stated that Auguste Comte was trying to shape social science to be more "science", which I can't agree more. I need to continue my study, in order to be able to take an integral part as a researcher or decision maker in this particular field; but I find it difficult to find any focused study if I came from a very general field of study. International Relations. I studied political economy, indeed. Political ecology also, but how exactly should I start from here. It remains mystery still. 
Anyways, that was first thing out of thousands I want to be thankful for.

I am now working (yay). As a communication officer in a Jakarta-based strategic consulting firm. We're now helping out the political election, a-once-in-5-years party of the nation. Well, our next RI-1 will be either Jokowi or Prabowo. It's up to our nation, do we prefer a grassroots-representative or a horse-riding-knight one? You choose, but one thing for sure. Make up your mind, please, people. Vote or else, it would be just like your absence in a huge party that you're aware of being invited. Something not to be missed, eh?

I am no longer a Miss Airport or Diajeng Sleman. Those years were over, and now is the time for the younger ones to shine. Good luck guys! I know it's not just luck we all need. It takes passions, confidence, courage and performance all at once to be noticed. But, when you have the opportunity to spread your wings and take off, why glued to your comfort zone? You've gotta look around, check out the weather. Is it too cold so you need to share the summer breeze in you, or is it warm already so that people should be ready for your hotness? lol. You choose!

  1. out from a starting point and forward or into view.
    "the plants will bush out, putting forth fresh shoots"
    synonyms:outoutsideawayoffaheadforward, into view;

This is where I'm going to go from here. "Out from a starting point and forward or into view."
I have gotta move forward. Life indeed is a b*tch, but don't be one. Deal with it. It's not like you can escape anywhere from here, isn't it?

Oh, and Ramadan is soon! Insha Allah, we're going to meet again in the wonderful Eid Al-Fitr. 
That's another thing to be thankful for, among numerous other stuffs I can't name each of everything.