Sunday, January 1, 2017

First day of 2017!

I had a very good day today.

I've never been to Brazil and don't have that many friends who live there (there are some, but rarely kept in touch) but today I totally got a vibe of fun--Brazilian way. I guess.

So here's a friend, another colleague, who just moved from Brazil and today she hosted a NY lunch at her house. We had barbecue, ice-blended rum and banana; as well as farofa to fix with all foods. Everything tasted nice.

Her friends from back home were there as well, to travel around. They truly inspired me to travel more, as they've crossed half of the globe getting here from hometown to travel! I've never gone that far ever in my life but I will. One of them was also a travel blogger, wrote books and travel guides; even encouraged me further to travel-blogging. (Visit his page @ !)

Just today also I marked first attempt to touch and play with a dog, as my friend got a very cute one called Ginger. I've always been afraid of them all my life and turns out they're super nice! Her, especially.

There will come more time to turn more pages of 2017, I'll check more on the bucket list. Isn't that all that keeps us alive--to achieve something and be better each day?

A new year, new hopes, new passion, new day to start over. I had a very good first day of the year, hence I'm sure this will turn out to be a more fortunate one.

Welcome, 2017!

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