Saturday, June 16, 2012

E.T.: Are They or arent They?

Extraterrestrial issues recently attracted me. Not forget to mention that I just completed the third Supernova: Partikel and watched Men in Black III. If the ms word could be my analogy, those two sources just made my thought became BOLD.
I never believed in supranatural lives before, but ever since cropcircle issues strike our society, I knew they're out there. One day when the first time I learned about galaxies, the first thing crossed my mind was: "It's not real. the earth might be round but planets? are you kidding me?"
If I lived hundred years earlier, I could be included in those church people who against Galileo Galilei. Yes, I can guess he was seen mocking Pope and church for being conventional. People just need to be open-minded don't they?
I just don't believe things without reasons. Chemical science for me, for example, is an irrational and unseen one. That's why I got 68 on my score sheet 5 years ago.
Well, it just the matter of science, doesn't have anything to do with God or religion thingy. They're separated. Aliens might have lives alike us, or similar presence and appearance. They just live parallel with us, separated by ultra-heavy energy out there called atmosphere. Or, earth might be too hot for them, or anything. I have no idea at the moment, I just can feel they're out there. It could be, both (or more) of our technologies are racing in which can reach each other earlier. They might made it, but lack of evidence makes it doubtful. Plus, conservative people think way too narrow and stuck in wherever they are.
It might be someday, we'll get to know each other. Aliens or us, either one will find a way to adjust themselves and meet up with other 'societies'.

Wait until I watch 'Prometheus'. I heard they got something interesting.

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