Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getaway and Flavonoid

I thought going through hard days and non-stop busy weekend will bring me to an endless desperation. Nothing would excite me, I won't have any energy left to be excited too. But, this moodboosting weekend changed by perception. 

So, on Saturday December 8th me and other +/-60 IR-UGM students (batch 2009-2012!) gathered on ɑ trip called RebaHI (Rekreasi bareng HI/a recreational trip with IR). Early in the morning, the whole members went to the first destination with ɑ bus: Jupiter paintball. 
Although I've never experienced any paintball match before, the match was really fun! My team which has Dodi, Azra, Didit and Delta even reached the semifinal round. and watching the final round was sugooi. I was kinda sure they were fighting on ɑ real battlefield! Oh catching-the-flag game was another thing too, bcs the flag they used was just ɑ black shirt -_- but it's fine tho.

After feeling so stupid because Guilford fooled me by saying the paintball venue was owned by his father, we went to the next destination. But yeah, I truly believed that his father was also there to be our judge for the match. They didn't even look alike! Hahaha. 
And we had two more things to catch. The bus headed south-east to Gunung Kidul while we ate lunch-box that was provided. I think I needed to decrease my fighting spirit when eating foods, feel like ɑ real soldier when seeing my meals unoccupied. 
Gunung Kidul was another regency in Jogja that's famous for its nature, it has huge areas of mountains, white-sand beaches and (this is it) caves! Our next activities of the day would be cave-tubing and river-tubing which were going through cave and river by using ɑ single tube for each person. Putting on ɑ life-vest and plastic shoes on and we're ready to have some fun. 
Goa Pindul used to only be ɑ batcave but as the people lived in the village around saw the river that flown inside as an opportunity, they invited ɑ cave tubing to be sold. The trip was around half an hour, and we were divided into groups consisted of 8 persons each. 
It wasn't the main attraction until we felt like sailing on our own tubes through ɑ real river for more than an hour. 

We reached the Oyo River using pick-up trucks and queueing to be thrown into water. Whoaaa so exciting, some of us made someone else's tube went upside-down just to make the person shocked hahaha. And you know what came after? ɑ 10-metres jump! So we climbed up the rocks and then jump off to the river. Best-feeling ever, don't you think so? Feels like all the bad things just went off along the way. I felt so excited to be able to swim in ɑ real river, then showered by the real pouring rain until the edge. We head back with the same trucks and I sat on the edge to just feel the wind (and sadly, tree branches also!) on my face.

After taking shower, we ordered meatball soup which is also famous at the place too. Oishii desu yo? 
I spent all the trip back just to chat with Dudit-Azra and to sleep. Oh, surprisingly both of them born at the same time (I mean May 15th 1993), so funny. Then I was knocked out and oversleeping the whole way back. 
Reaching the campus by evening and we saw ourselves being ɑ part of Fisipol UGM Dies Natalis. Lots of foods again there. Well, consider it as the perfect closing of the day. But weird tho, no drink was found during the night. 

By the end of the day, I've found myself munching ɑ huge pile of chocolates.  You will never know how good the works of flavonoid till you realized waking up on the Sunday noon. The day was nothing but blessing. Turns out all I need just ɑ getaway, some fun, sleeps and chocolates. 

Thanks God, Depor HI UGM & HI UGM 2009-12. 

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